Welcome to Henry County, Iowa Official Website


Contact Information


Court House 100 E. Washington St. Suite 101

Mt. Pleasant IA 52641


Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 4:30 pm


 (319) 385 - 0752  






Steven Giebelhausen

Assistant Attorney


Blake J. Vierra

Assistant Attorney


Tammy Mulford

Office Manager




Cara Ferguson

Administrative Assistant


 Nicole Rose

Victim/Witness Coordinator



Duties of the County Attorney

 Prosecute criminal offenses under the Code of Iowa, occurring in Henry County, Iowa.

 In addition, We prosecute violations of county ordinances. 

 We do not prosecute violations of city ordinances or federal violations. 

 In addition, We also represent the State in Child in Need of Assistance and Delinquency matters. 

 Involuntary Mental and Substance Abuse Commitments.

 Defend Henry County in any civil cases that are brought against the County.

 Provide legal advice to County elected Officials, Department heads, Township trustees in matters related to the business in their respective areas. 

 Recover all monies owing to the State, County or School Districts relating to debts, fines, penalties, child support, etc

The County Attorney’s Office Does not

In Henry County, the County Attorney is a full time position, which means that we are bound by law not to give legal advice or legal assistance to persons seeking assistance for civil cases or claims;

 Assist in the drafting of wills, estate matters, divorces, etc.;

 Assist in drafting real estate documents unless the County is involved as a seller or buyer

 Recommend one private attorney over another.