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Henry County, Iowa - Recording Information and Fees

Office of the Recorder

Henry County, Iowa - Recording Information and Fees

Welcome to the Henry County Recorder's Office

     Mindy Fitzgibbon County Recorder

100 East Washington Street Suite 201,

PO Box 106 Mount Pleasant, Iowa 52641

319 - 385-0765

319 - 385 - 0770 FAX


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Recording Information and Fees

Lands and Records Management 
This area of the office is responsible for recording and maintaining official records of documents affecting real estate. These include deeds, contracts, mortgages, assignments, releases, federal and state tax liens, affidavits, plats and surveys, section corner certificates, military service records, easements, condemnations, trade names, leases, 28E and drainage agreements, bills of sale, articles of incorporation, and financing statements plus numerous other documents.

The office records all instruments presented upon payment of the proper fees and compliance with other recording requirements as provided by law. Recording fees collected for the county provide a form of property tax relief. In addition, the auditor's fee on transfer of property as well as real estate transfer tax is collected on conveyances of property, a portion of which is retained in the county's general fund.


  • Federal and state tax lien searches are also performed.
  • All records are opened to the public and copies can be obtained for a nominal fee. 
  • To search the computer index or scanned images, please go to https://iowalandrecords.org.
  • One can search, view or print from this site at no charge. 
Real Estate Recording Fees 

Henry County Recorder's Contact

County Court House
100 E. Washington St. Suite 201 P.O. Box 106
Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641

Monday - Friday: 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.
Phone Number: (319) 385-0765  
Fax number: (319) 385-0770

1st Deputy: Marla Willey
2nd Deputy: Sandy Suter
Clerk: Stephanie Boeding