County conservation boards have been created in all of Iowa's 99 counties and are governed by Chapter 350 of the Code of Iowa.

  Henry County, Iowa - Conservation

The goal of the Henry County Conservation Board is the establishment of a quality park, recreation, conservation, and environmental education system which gives the most service to the residents of Henry County and the State of Iowa, and to ensure that in coming years, all visitors may have ample opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty and recreational potential of the area. To reach these objectives, we energetically promote programs and interest in conservation of our natural resources.

Conservation Board of Directors:
George Jaques
John Klopfenstein
Sara Borders
Lori Muntz
Jim Onorato

The Henry County Conservation Board maintains their own website - you can visit it by following this link to:
Henry County Conservation
Address of
Conservation office:
2593 Nature Center Drive
Mt. Pleasant, IA. 52641

Phone Number:
(319) 986-5067

FAX Number:
(319) 986-5469

Conservation Director:
John Pullis

Employees in the Conservation Office:
Tony Millard - Operations Supervisor

Trent Hoekstra

Cari Burnstedt - Naturalist

Conservation Forms:
Downloadable forms
used in the Conservation office

Conservation Links:
Iowa Association of County Conservation Boards
Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Plowing the roads in the winter

White-trillium: native Midwest flower

Henry County lake