The County Engineer / Road Department is responsible for construction and maintenance of the Secondary Road System in Henry County.


  Henry County, Iowa - Engineer / Road Department

The County Engineer (Secondary Roads Department) is responsible for construction and maintenance of the Secondary Road System in Henry County.

Engineering Duties include:
Design, construction, inspection and contract administration of Henry County Secondary Road system road and bridge projects,
Department operating budget and construction program development,
Department personnel administration,
Response to petitions, requests, or concerns regarding roadway condition and drainage, temporary road closures, and obstructions in the right of way,
Conduct Engineering studies including speed studies, road vacations, and traffic studies,
Subdivision roadway review and approval,
Entrance permit review and approval,
Permitting of utility or other work within the county road right of way,
Oversize/overweight vehicle permit issuance for county roads,
Section corner information, aerial photo information and bench mark information is available for public viewing,
Right-of-way information on Henry County roads and construction projects,
Permits for dust control on county roads,
Mark right-of-way for new fence locations.

Maintenance Duties include:
Surface repairs and maintenance – this would include rocking the County’s gravel roads, patching paved roads, pothole repairs, shoulder rocking, mowing shoulders, brush cutting and spraying.
Entrance rocking within the County right-of-way, per policy.
County bridge and culvert repairs.
Ditch cleaning in order to allow proper drainage.
Entrance maintenance for new or existing driveways.
Snow removal on county roads.
Roadway sign installation and maintenance.

5 Year Construction Plan Map

Dust Control Information
Binns & Stevens Oskaloosa
Red Flags
Calcium Chloride
Oakridge - Washington
Orange Flags
Magnesium Chloride
Soy Oil
Blue Flame Propane - Letts
Orange Flags
Tree Sap, Cacium Chloride, &
Tree Sap & Calcium Chloride blend
Heffron Services
Orange Flags
Magnesium Chloride

Address of Engineer's office:
1510 E. Washington St.
P.O. Box 655
Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641

Hours Office is open:
7:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.
1:00 P.M. to 4:30 P.M.
Monday thru Friday

Phone Number:
(319) 385-0762

FAX Number:
(319) 385-0777

Henry County Engineer:
Jake Hotchkiss

Engineer Links:
Iowa County Engineer Service Bureau - ICEASB

Iowa Department of Transportation - IDOT

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